Friday, September 24, 2010

Memburu Layaran Rompin 2010

Salam, InsyaAllah waktu terdekat penulis akan mencuba sekali lagi memancing diperairan Merchong..tahun lepas pada 23 okt 2009 penulis bersama 4 sahabat dari Kuala Lumpur telah melaksanakan expedisi memburu layaran buat kali pertamanya. Pada ketika itu penulis agar sukar memberikan gambaran sebenar keadaan dan teknik yang digunakan. Alhamdulillah selepas trip itu berlangsung dengan 3 ekor layaran didaratkan, kami serba sedikit dapat mengenalpasti teknik dan perkara-perkara yang dirasakan penting untuk tujuan pemburuan layaran di sekitar perairan Rompin ini. Perkara-perkara yang dirasakan penting bagi tujuan pemburuan layaran disana adalah air pasang surut, set pancingan yang digunakan, teknik pancingan.

Lokasi bertanda A pemburuan Layaran di Perairan Rompin

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stella SW10000XG

If you need the faster retrieve, I would recommend the SW10000XG, allows you to work poppers and stick baits more effectively. Shimano STELLA SW 10000XG Japan model is the high-end spinning reels, specially designed for offshore heavy duty fishing purposely made for highest ratio compared  others. 

The New Stella now has reinforced components, parts and body to fight for the big one. Gears, drag and line rollers now have more durability than ever. STELLA SW features a super duralumin master gear for ultimate durability and incredibly light wind-up. Simply the best in its class, nothing comes close to Stella SW. A master gear made of aircraft aluminum, titanium coated spool ring, pure carbon drag washer, direct oil-lubrication port and much more

Features and Specifications:
Stainless Steel Pinion Gear
Cold-Forged Over-sized Master Gear with Surface Treatment

Monday, September 6, 2010

Abu Ambassadeur Rocket 6500S

Abu 6500 Rocket and Chrome Rocket
The rocket is the famously freespinning centrifugally-braked distance reel in the range, for the true purist. The rocket has no mag-brake, so the spool just keeps on going and going. The pro rocket series, and its head-turning cousin the Chrome Rocket, can hit 300yds - if you can handle the speed!

Distributor Pure Fishing Malaysia


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