Monday, April 19, 2010

My New Collection, intake 2010..

GRAND IMPERIAL Ultra 52 - Patriod Design Jigging Rod

Due to my planning this year, fishing plan to Lucornia and Lambok Bali.. here, present my new collection.. Jigging Rod from Patriod Design pairing with SW20000FA purposely set up for heavy jigging.. Till now nothing for comment, here some features and specification copy paste from  PD web for  introduction.

My new Heavy Jigging weapon - GRAND IMPERIAL Ultra 52 pairing with SW20000FA Fully loaded with main line Varivas SMP Size 8 (120lb) ready for action.


*Only available in spinning models.
*The blank is made up with Para Aramid Braided Graphite + hi tension, hi torque graphite accumulated fiber

[Material Parts]
Guide: ICMNSG [Ion Plating Titanium Finish] Shiny Gray
Grip: EVA [Black / Red Two-tone]
Reel Seat: DPS22-IC [Shiny Gray Titanium Finish]
Gimbal: Machine cutting Ball Gimbal
gy and design that makes PD Brand the leader in the world of hunting.

Production time : From after-order two months to three months

In the world hunting vertical game we at Patriot Design have tried, tested and used many different currently existing rods. From this experience is born the GRAND IMPERIAL Vertical competition range. These are the best of the best. Both supreme and unrivalled.

Naturally when hunting in deep water a strong rigid rod with a strong tip is preferable or control of the jig is ineffective. Usually these rods are 5ft 8 inches long and very tough.

But when hunting the vertical game directly beneath the boat, continuous wide sliding of the cyber metal jig is required. Unlike the 5 GRAND IMPERIAL World Hunting Explorer rods previously released, the 4 GRAND IMPERIAL Vertical Competition rods are shorter and offer greater more subtle control of a level yet to be seen. They are the Katana of the vertical game.

Other rods available in the world are short too but, that is all they are. PD Brand GRAND IMPERIAL Vertical competition rods are most definitely NOT just short. They are constructed with Aramid fiber, (Kevlar), which makes for immense strength and torque. Add to this perfect balance in the belly of the rod and you have ultimate control with which to battle the monsters you will face.

PD Brand are again raising the benchmark and taking vertical competition to the next level. We want you to hold these rods and understand the superior manufacture, technology and design that makes PD Brand the leader in the world of hunting.


Paddy Pike said...

This looks a great combination, I think you will have many hours of great fun Jigging, I think also it is a very strong and atractive looking Rod, Good luck,

Fahiz Hussin said...

Thanks Paddy, Hopefully i'm chosen a right combination..right now i'm already addicted with this jigging technic. Ready for my next hunt, hoping for luck as well..

Ekin said...

If I can have one... IF la kan.
Kwang kwang kwang...

Fahiz Hussin said...

Bab tu kena request kat right person..Wait aaa.."To Mr Black, Please entertain this request" kwang kwang kwang..

zmi05sj said...

dewa tuna
tabik 14x
wow PD punya view banyak bagus..

Fahiz Hussin said...

Dewa sotong..mana ada dewa tuna sini..jom G PD mancing jenahak..tu PD juga..hehe


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