Thursday, May 26, 2011

Artikal Majalah - Pancing Bil 163

Salam, Terima Kasih kepada Chief Editor Majalah Pancing Faiz Karim kerana memberi peluang untuk menempatkan artikal ni kedalam majalah Pancing.

Majalah : Pancing Bilangan163
Keluaran : Mei 2011
Tajuk :Bulan Madu Bali


Paddy Pike said...

Salam Fahiz,
I have just stopped by to say hello, And to catch up with your Blogging,
I will call in on you again soon my friend,
Keep up the good work,

Fahiz Hussin said...

Thanks you my friend. You're most welcome here.

FEDO said...

Besar sungguh.....

Fahiz Hussin said...

Terima kasih FFEDO..


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